eSports vs. Traditional Sports: The Best Bets Cracked

eSports vs. Traditional Sports

Online betting involves specific parameters of each game. eSports have a slight advantage here, as they offer the same (or very similar) markets available in conventional sports, with the addition of categories that can only exist thanks to the way each online game works.

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Compare betting options

Compare the options between mainstream sports and eSports. In general, eSports have more betting options and the same game can have several markets, as is the case with games like Fortnite and League of Legends.

Understand the betting odds

betting odds

To bet, you need to understand the odds. They are directly related to odds, and generally, higher odds indicate the least likely team or player within a specific market.

Betting on eSports and Conventional Sports: Winning Strategies

Surely you already know what eGames are, virtual games played online between players or teams, which involve direct combat and high competition, but it is important to define the differences between these and conventional sports.

The dispute and competitiveness present in these games is also present in conventional sports. Therefore, the winning strategies are similar. Of course, eSports provide practice for bettors, but despite the differences, the strategies repeat themselves, as we will point out below:

  • Study the teams and players before betting
  • Follow the news and stay on top of the news of the specific match or tournament (be it a LoL championship or a Copa Libertadores group stage match in mainstream soccer).
  • Reserve an amount of your budget for bets and do not compromise other personal areas.
  • Spread the money over several bets and don’t play it all in one bet or match.
  • Learn how to lose and stop betting, even after a shortfall in your bookmaker’s credit.

Transmission of sports and eSports matches

Both categories feature live streaming of important matches, regardless of the mainstream sport or the eSport genre. Thus, both categories allow live betting and guarantee the excitement of the bettor who can follow the game closely.

Conventional sports are usually broadcast on television channels, while eSports dominate the world of streaming on various platforms, such as Twitch.

Regulation of eSports and traditional sports

traditional sports

The law still confuses some bettors, since, in fact, most bets are not legalized in the country. However, online betting can be done legally, since financial management is not done, in fact: online casino sites are hosted at foreign online addresses. Therefore, gambling online is legal and allowed.

Even so, there are controversies, since a bill intends to encompass eSports and conventional sports within the same category, which can make it difficult to interpret eSports betting.

Conventional sports and eSports: good options to bet

There are some differences between betting on conventional sports and betting on eSports, such as the number of markets and the proximity eSports provide for betting compared to conventional sports.

Still, betting on both categories provides fun and good winnings for the bettor. It is worth experimenting, understanding the differences in practice and profiting from your hunches.

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