Online betting: eSports or conventional sports?

eSports or conventional sports

There are more and more sports modalities and games to bet on, as well as betting markets that allow you to invest in different aspects of a match. With so many options, the question often arises: what to bet on, eSports or conventional sports?

Of course, the choice is yours; After all, only the bettor knows where it is best for him to bet. For this reason, we seek to show here some differences between betting on eSports and on conventional sports, such as basketball and soccer matches, so that you can understand the particularities of each option and bet with peace of mind, in one category or another.

Betting on eSports and traditional sports: trends exposed

eSports appear as a great trend among bettors, since there are more and more high-level competitions and fans of electronic games. Thus, betting on eSports has become an increasingly common activity in online bookmakers, and bettors make good profits with their forecasts.

In addition to the growing number of official tournaments and competitions, the number of casual eSports players has also increased, bringing fans closer to the world of online betting.

In this sense, the trend is betting on eSports, since they allow the bettor to get closer to the game, in addition to offering a series of different game genres and titles, which even involve very specific markets.

Among the eSports markets, for example, it is possible to bet on the winner of a specific map in real-time strategy games, or even on who will be the player who will eliminate the most opponents in a match of an FPS game, such as Counter Strike.

Traditional sports remain popular; after all, they are well known and have been around the world of online gambling the longest. And it is worth remembering that it is possible to bet on both categories of sports. That is why it is interesting to try new trends in the world of eSports.

Betting on eSports and traditional sports: what are the best odds?

Betting on eSports

The odds show what the multiplying factor of the value of the bet is in a given market. They also show the bookmaker’s predicted probability of a certain outcome occurring.

In general, the best odds are those that provide the least risk and the highest profit to the bettor. However, as these instances are inversely proportional, it is necessary to find a nice odd for the type of bet to be placed.

The choice will also depend on the knowledge about the operation of betting on virtual sports, since the best odds are related to the markets and the amount invested in a bet. However, in general, both betting on eSports and those on conventional sports have good odds, and the choice will depend on the bettor’s personal taste and his intimacy with the sports modalities present for the bet.

Differences between betting on eSports and conventional sports

Bets are placed in the same way, where the bettor chooses a specific sport and game, and one of the available markets. Then, you only have to choose the amount to bet and wait for the result.

However, the big difference lies in the proximity that eSports provide and the ease of playing any of the games that will be wagered on. Let’s look at some crucial points between the bets.

Equipment is usually more expensive in sports

The practice of conventional sports, especially if you think of a professional or semi-professional level, implies more expensive equipment. And a greater wear of that equipment. Let’s think: with an average computer or even an intermediate mobile phone, it is possible to practice eSports and learn how each game works.

In the case of conventional sports, specific equipment is required for each available modality. The wear of this equipment will also be greater, since the physical effort and the impacts progressively degrade the necessary material. The practice of conventional sport will also depend on a minimum number of players present in the exact space dedicated to sports practice.

Little or no travel activity in eSports

activity in eSports

The practice of eSports requires few transfers for the players. All that is needed is a good computer and a stable internet connection to participate in a series of games. Practical knowledge makes the difference when it comes to betting, since the possibilities and probabilities of events are known through the practice of eSports.

A multi-sport sport

eSports do not require different equipment so that you can play and learn about each modality and title available.

Unlike conventional sports, which require specific equipment for each modality, eSports allow the player to change modalities using the same computer, keyboard, mouse and Internet connection. Access, therefore, is easier and can be done from home.

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