How to win sports bets? Tricks and strategies

win sports bets

One of the big questions we ask ourselves when betting is how to win sports bets? And it is natural, nobody wants to lose their money because of a bad reading of a sporting event.

Remember that in the world of betting nothing is certain and there is no way to guarantee 100% success. Whoever offers you that is lying to you. However, it is possible to win by betting and here we will explain some strategies and tricks to win sports bets, so that you can earn some extra money.

Strategies and tricks for sports betting

Here are some formulas to win sports betting. They will help you when placing an online bet. However, remember that there are no infallible bets.


When thinking about how to win sports betting, it is sometimes believed that betting on the favorite is the surest way to win money and that is not necessarily true. The low odds are the ones that will give you the least money back and to win large amounts the investment is almost proportional. For example, if you win a bet of 10,000 MXN on an odds that is -435, your profit will only be 2,300 MXN. Is it worth so much investment for so little profit? If you want to win more with your bets, we recommend you learn how the odds work.

If you really want to see the positive side of sports betting, perhaps it is best to risk a little more, and base your predictions on statistical data in order to reduce the risk. Another way to increase your earnings a bit is by betting with handicaps or applying parleys.



If you can be sure of one thing, it is that it is very difficult to win a combined bet, especially when it contains four, five or more results. There are many variables that make this bet unsafe. For example, if you make a combination bet of five games, it is necessary for one player of the 110 who are playing to make a mistake for your bet to be lost.

The truth is that if you decide to make this type of bet, it is best that you have a good knowledge base about the teams, players, and other factors involved. As you can imagine, it is easier to hit a bet on the winner of the match, than selecting who or who will be the scorers, at what stage of the game the goals will enter, the number of goals scored, and also include results from other games.


We know, live betting is very exciting, however, emotion is one of your main enemies when placing bets. You should never lose your ability to analyze and when you bet live, the excitement and heat of a match can severely betray you. Not all games end in a comeback or miracles.

Likewise, we recommend that during the matches in which you decide to bet live, you carefully analyze individual performances, since many times the way in which a player is developing is enough to determine how the crucial moments of a match will unfold. , and also, there are live bets that are directly based on questions like: who will score the next goal?



The best way to gamble is to bet realistically, even if it means sacrificing profit. We know it is very tempting to make that bet that would send you to Cancun this weekend, but do not forget that there is a very fine line between betting with a risk margin, to throwing away your money hoping for the unlikely.

In that case, taking a risk intelligently would be betting on the Tigres in a match against Club León, even though the latter are probably the favourites. On the contrary, sending your money to the trash would be betting on Querétaro against the Pumas, even though the difference in odds is abysmal.


When you register with a bookmaker, especially if you do it online, it has its advantages. The most relevant is the famous welcome bonus. These bonuses are a great help because they can help you take off your earnings without actually investing physical money. Once you take all this information into account you will be almost ready to take advantage of them.

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